Drew And Mike – Jul 17, 2016

  • Drew and Jay on this one, along with a call in from Charlie LeDuff (@Charlieleduff) from Fox 2 Detroit!
  • This Sunday started out like any other with great weather, outdoor activities… and then some slap nuts decides to go on a shooting bender in Baton Rouge against the police.
  • Drew again has to remind us how nice Nice is.
  • Gavin Long out of Kansas City, Missouri goes on a shooting spree and kills 3 cops and wounds 3 other cops in Baton Rouge.
  • Charlie calls in from Cleveland on the GOP convention and the recent Baton Rouge mess.
  • Is Will Ferrell moving from Los Angeles to Ann Arbor?
  • You gonna go see the latest Mitch Albom production of Ernie Harwell?
  • FINALLY the last 10 songs of the Free Press Motown song countdown!