PayPal used to have a recurring donation feature whereas you could select a dollar amount to donate and either select a one-time donation or click a checkbox on their page to set it as a recurring donation (typically monthly).

PayPal states that they had some security issues with that feature and therefore removed it as an option. They state they are working on a new recurring donation option but that it could take several more months. The only other option they gave us is to use a subscription feature, however it has its limitations.

With PayPal’s subscription model, we’d have to pre-select dollar amount levels which isn’t in the nature of a donation. PayPal’s subscription method doesn’t allow for a donor to select a dollar amount of his/her choosing. The other alternative was for us to get rid of PayPal and go with another provider, however PayPal is trusted and established eCommerce service aside from their limited donation options so we decided to remain with PayPal.

As a result of wanting to maintain the option to either make a one-time donation or a recurring donation, we’ve created the options below for both. If/when PayPal develops a replacement recurring donation option, we will rebuild the feature on our site. For now, the below options are the best that we can do given PayPal’s limited features at this time.

Please also note that for either donation option, you do not have to have a PayPal account if you prefer to pay by credit card. Thanks for supporting the podcast!

Donor Level