Drew And Mike – May 6, 2016

May 6, 2016 Drew Lane

First episode with Charlie LeDuff! We learn that Charlie is in need of some 8 tracks from folks since he’s down to 2 for his Cadillac. Rob Ford, the mayoral mess from Toronto. Housing comparisons between Drew and Charlie. Charlie gets a solid 5 Wood […]

Drew And Mike – May 5, 2016

May 6, 2016 Drew Lane

Another episode with Drew & Mike!  Covering  many topics to include the upcoming Kentucky Derby, Jim Nabors singing at Indianapolis 500 and bad traditions, Clark’s war with a 3D printed vase, the latest details regarding Prince’s death, Justin Verlander (“AWA”) and Kate Upton (biggun?) are […]

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Drew And Mike – May 4, 2016

May 5, 2016 Drew Lane

*** Tech Update *** In an effort to address some of the similar questions/suggestions/requests coming in via email/social media, here are some answers to the frequently asked about items: iTunes/Soundcloud/Other Podcast sites – Yes, we will be getting linked up with all of the podcasting […]

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Drew And Mike – May 3, 2016

May 3, 2016 Drew Lane

It’s here!  The long-awaited first episode of the Drew & Mike Podcast!  We are still putting the studio, website, process together but here’s the first episode! Drop us an email at [email protected] and please spread the word about the show! We’re still working on the […]

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